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95% of new jobs from Census hiring

from www.americanthinker.com - Ed Lasky - June 04, 2010

The Labor Department released sobering news this morning. Payrolls rose by 431,000 last month. That may sound good on the surface, but is far less than the median forecast of 536,000 jobs. But it gets worse: of the 431,000 jobs, 411,000 of them were census workers. Those are government jobs, not private sector jobs -- and are temporary. That means the private sector hired a mere 41,000 more workers in the past month. The unemployment rate fell a bit -- but only because of the way that figure is calculated. The unemployment rate only measures those people seeking work. If people give up hope (and remember Obama's campaign was all about "Hope" and "Yes We can") they drop out of the labor force and are not included in the unemployment rate.



Buffett Worries About High Risks of ‘Significant Inflation’ Around Globe

Monday, 03 May 2010 11:56 AM

Warren Buffett says he is worried about the prospect for "significant inflation" in the United States and elsewhere, and that the Greek debt crisis has the potential for "high drama."

Buffett also said he is seeing real signs of improvement in the economy, especially in manufacturing, though it will take another year for a sustainable housing recovery to take hold.

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Recognizing the Danger from defeatthedebt.com

As of today, the United States government has borrowed more than $12,942,565,195,799.81. Such an enormous debt poses short-term and long-term dangers. Read more

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